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Actions take an excessive amount of time to complete

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Support case id 01958907

I am currently evaluating Veeam B&R. The first time I installed Veeam B&R it would take between 36 and 38 minutes for the waiting for backup infrastructure resource availability task to complete, and then another 36-38 minutes for the snapshot tasks to complete. The proxy was using the Network backup mode at the time when it was configured as Automatic Selection. Considering these excessive delays I assumed perhaps something went wrong with the install or database and decided to start over from scratch with a new Veeam VM and database. This time it is using the Virtual Appliance backup mode for the proxy, and the hotadd task in the backup process is now taking between 36 and 38 minutes. The second time around I also enabled AAIP and some of the computers fail with "Unable to release guest. Error: Unfreeze Error: [Freeze Job Already Stopped]" after 36-38 minutes.

During the first try at Veeam I could see the snapshot tasks in the vCenter console would be stuck at 100%. After the backup job was stopped, manually taking snapshots did not take a significant amount of time.

The load on host, SQL Server, (backup repository) File Server and vCenter VMs is minimal. The load on the Veeam VM doesn't seem that high, around 50% CPU and 40% RAM when the backups are being processed and much lower while it is waiting on the tasks.

Considering this has happened on two installs, and that it seems like vCenter is the bottle neck when Veeam initiates these tasks i'm not sure if Veeam logs are what you need rather than vCenter logs. If this is correct, does anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem? I'd rather not have to re-create my vCenter VM again if this could be helped. There aren't any delays like this for other tasks when I use the vCenter web console directly.

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Re: Actions take an excessive amount of time to complete

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I believe job logs investigation should shed light on whether this behavior is caused by vCenter or something else, so please continue working with your support engineer.

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