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Adding Server credentials

Post by willymaykett »


Once the install is completed, and I then use the Add Server wizard, I am asked to use a set of credentials to connect to the vc. What exactly are these credentials used for?
Is it just for that session (me) to connect to the VC?
Will other users who run the console use these credentials, or do they need to enter their own?
Or should I use a generic system type account ID that all the admin use? (Not preferred)
Will these users need to be assigned specific access into the VC, with specific access rights within the VC environment?
What account is then used to launch the backup and replication jobs?

We have a security segregated environment, and I would like to understand the security requirements needed.

Thanks :)

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Re: Adding Server credentials

Post by Gostev »

Hello, these credentials are used by Veeam Backup to interact with vCenter for backup/restore operations. Other users do not need to specify their own credentials, they just need to be allowed to logon to Veeam Backup server through Windows security. Then, whatever they do, this will be executed from under the specified account. So, you should use "generic system type account ID that all the admin use".

To launch the jobs, Veeam Backup and FastSCP service account is used. Inside the job, the above mentioned account is used.

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