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Advanced Scheduling?

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I'm in the process of evaluating products for my environments. Without getting into any comparisons or personal opinions about the products, one thing I do like about a competitors product is the (what I'll call) global settings. Number of backup jobs per backup server, host, lun, and target are all options that you can set. I have been unable to find anything in Veeam backup that is similar. One thing I don't want to get into is backup schedule management. It seems that with the other product I am able to create a schedule with 100 VMs and know that I'm striking the balance between maximum backup throughput (simultaneous jobs running) and controlling the load on my hosts/luns/backup targets. How are other folks handling their schedules with Veeam? I was a little taken aback when I made that first schedule with 100 VMs and fired it off and realized it was going to process 1 VM at a time.

I will add that this testing is all being done with network only backups. We will be using SAN based backups in production and at that time some of the load questions (jobs per host) will go away. But my goal of simple scheduling with optimized backups will still apply. I just don't like the idea of having to maintain multiple schedules so I have multiple VMs backing up at the same time so I can take advantage of my infrastructure and lower my backup window.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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