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Advanced VSS options when using folders

Post by aqualityplace »


Does anyone know of a way of excluding machines from VSS when using Folders? We have created the backup job using a folder selection list but when we select the advanced options we only have the option to enable and disable VSS for that folder.

We could create a folder for VM's which dont need VSS but would be nice to be able to use the advanced features with the jobs we currently have created

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Re: Advanced VSS options when using folders

Post by GarethWilson »

as far as i am aware this is not currently possible, as it will try to use the one setting you gave set for veeam VSS that you set when you created this job, it something i would like to see improved apon.

It would be nice if you could add multiple credentials as well, as we have multiple windows domains (no trusts between them) so we have to seperate out our backup jobs to per domain rather than being able to put them all in one job and getting the most out of the de-duplication.

At the moment i have had to create seperate folders for machines that dont use vss :(
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