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Advise on backup scenario

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Hi all.

I have a situation where I would like to replicate a VM from one ESX host to another ESX host. I have setup the replication jobs and this all works very well. I've tested the failover and this works well also. (Thanks Veeam!) One of the requirements of this backup solution is to also backup to tape and have these tapes taken off site. There is a need to keep about 30 days of archived data offsite. I was wondering what the recommended approach to this would be and if anyone else does something similar.

At the moment I have a windows server VM which has an external scsi tape drive attached to it. Should I setup a tape backup utility to backup replicated VM files or should I run a separate Veaam backup job and then archive these files to tape?

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Advise on backup scenario

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Hello Jon,

You can execute a post-backup job script to copy your backup/replica files to the tape automatically when you job finishes. This can be configured at advanced job settings. In this case you should copy the VBK file and VRB (if needed), the VBK file is the most recent state for your backup/replicas and VRB files are your previous restore points, however, unfortunately, import replica files back to the Veeam Backup and Replication console is not supported right now (only importing backup files is supported).

Thank you.
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