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Advise on expanding our setup

Post by julian_powell » Mar 16, 2017 3:30 pm

Hi All,

I'm new to the group and fairly new to Veeam. I’ve approached a number of vendors for a possible solution in moving our backups forward but have not had much success. We operate a fairly small infrastructure with our production site in our offices in Leatherhead and a secondary site in London which we use to replicate our data from SQL and file shares using DFS. We currently use Veeam Essentials as our main site has 3 hosts with 2 CPU’s per host. We have 3 tiers of backup, 2 of which are performed daily and the 3rd over the weekend. Tier 1 repository is 2.1Tb, Tier 2 repository is 1.88Tb and Tier 3 repository is 1.17Tb. We have a VM host in London but don’t perform backups at that site. We are currently performing backups to a physical Dell R510 server that has 3 PowerVault MD disk tray’s that are no longer supported and parts are hard to get hold of. We also perform a tape backup of our data. Currently our Friday tapes are collected by Iron Mountain on a Tuesday morning with the remaining day’s been stored in a fireproof safe in an alternative location in Leatherhead.

Our primary goals:

•I want to move away from tape backups for daily backups
•Would like to perform only monthly and yearly tape backups for achieving
•Would like to replicate data between our sites but only seems to be able to replicate as a standby VM
•Would like to be able to backup servers in our London site for testing
•Would like a recommendation on servers/storage as my proposed re-use of an older Dell R510 and Virtual server along with my proposed use of Synology storage.
•To keep hardware expenditure down to a minimum

Many thanks in advance, Julian

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Re: Advise on expanding our setup

Post by foggy » Mar 17, 2017 2:48 pm

Hi Julian, everything you list is possible. I'd recommend to review our reference architecture and this thread for recommendations regarding backup target. Just note that to be able to backup VMs residing in London site, you'd need to get another Veeam B&R license, since you already seem to be using all the sockets covered by your existing one.

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