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I run Veeam 9.5 Update 1 currently. At the time of My story, I was running Veeam 8 Update 3. I had just (2 months prior) single handed setup Veeam to replace our old backup solution (TSM) which was not being utilized correctly due to lack of training and excessive turnover in the dept.

We experienced a bit locker / ransomware virus on one of our large file servers. This happened on a Monday morning, and was not the best time!

All of my backups are first backed up to a NAS Share, then from there the backup files are processed by replication jobs that attach them to another vsphere instance at our backup / DR location.

We caught wind of the virus pretty quickly, the user who got duped into clicking the link was an IT person at the helpdesk.

As soon as I heard about this, I shutdown the file server to prevent any further corruption.

I fired up the replica at our DR site and we were back on line within 45 minutes of when the incident was reported.

Subsequently, I took that VM and moved it back to our prod environment. I did get a special thanks from our CEO and a nice bonus. I had only started my job at this place about 6 months prior, so I went from zero to hero pretty quickly thanks to Veeam!
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