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Amount of memory to allocate value problem

Post by srebucci »

Hi everybody, I've a problem with a SureBackup job.

I have 20 GB SQL machine for our CRM: I do the backup with no problem but when it's time to run the SureBackup job, I want to reduce the amount of allocated memory for the Instant Recovered machine. Luckly V B&R has a flag for this option but when I try to modify this value to 10 and click OK the value reset to "100" (I see this editing again the same job).

The value I want to edit it's on the 4th screen of the SureBackup wizard, button Advanced, Edit, Startup Option. What do I do wrong?


Simone Rebucci

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Amount of memory to allocate value problem

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi Simone,

I've just repeated the same steps and unfortunately, cannot reproduce this behavior. Do you see it for every VM that is backed up and verified? By the way what is the OS where Veeam backup server is deployed?

On top of these questions, I would suggest reaching our technical guys so they could have a look at this issue via WebEx session.


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