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Any chance for a poll of feature request sticky thread?

Post by Yuki » Jan 24, 2013 4:57 pm

I would love to see a poll on this forum of the features that could potentially be implemented in next versions, so people get a chance to vote on what they need the most.

My list would look like this

1) Flexible rotation schema (like one requested in this topic)
2) Integrated backup file replication solution (via existing proxies perhaps) so we don't have to hit production systems twice and can increase the number of jobs on daily basis
3) Further improved scheduling mechanism (like bundling of jobs, so one bundle starts and when a particular/last vm comples, the second batch starts)
4) Improved Veem's own CBT for backing up replicas (so it doesn't read entire file which is equivalent to full backup time wise) - maybe harder than it actually sounds, so i don't have high hopes for this. Especially if #2 gets implemented.
5) Ability to write to more than one repository in a single job (a variation of #2 i guess)

Gostev - Any chance to either put up a poll or a sticky topic for feature votes/requests? I know people voice their opinions in other topics, but it may be helpful to have this discussion in one place?

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Re: Any chance for a poll of feature request sticky thread?

Post by cparker4486 » Jan 24, 2013 5:51 pm

-- Chris

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