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Anyone tried getting OpManager to work with Veeam SNMP?

Post by mgratla » Oct 29, 2014 3:11 pm

The title really says it all.

We've uploaded the MIB's into opmanager but we can't seem to go any further. Opmanager is perplexing at the best of times but this time we're truly stumped.

Manageengine's Opmanager requires a device template to be created where you can add the monitors. We've done this and added the veeam monitors from the MIB, we've then applied the device template to the veeam server.

Now this is where we get stuck. Opmanager doesn't seem to understand what to do next. It wants thresholds before we can enable the monitor. Critical, trouble, alert, warning and to do this you have to set a condition (Contains, equals, is, is not etc) then the value so that it generates a message. I have no idea what conditions to apply here. Or how.

There doesn't seem to be a generic 'dashboard' for instance where you can see all incoming snmp traps either

We're all utterly perplexed by this, so if anyone else has tried I'd appreciate it

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Re: Anyone tried getting OpManager to work with Veeam SNMP?

Post by pdef » Jun 24, 2015 5:58 am

Under Alarms, Unsolicited Traps you can see a list with all SNMP Traps not processed by the SNMP Trap Processors.

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