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Application Aware DC

Post by deduplicat3d » Sep 05, 2012 8:08 pm

Here's the scenario: I have a domain controller that fails to take a VSS snapshot. I spent a while trying to fix it, ripped out the old symantec agent, but still doesn't work, eventually i'll need to rebuild it. Anyways, since it kept on giving warnings, I decided to disable application awareness for that VM. By doing that, do I loose out on any features (since VSS was failing anyways).

I've noticed in surebackup that machines cannot log into the domain (on windows logon with this DC) unless I remove and re-add to the domain.

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Re: Application Aware DC

Post by Cokovic » Sep 06, 2012 7:45 am

Whats the error you get when trying application aware image processing?

When using vssadmin list providers in a command prompt do you see anything besides "Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0" for example from Symantec?

If so you should check following registry key:

Code: Select all

and delete the registry key with the coresponding VSS GUID value (which you can see when using vssadmin list providers). After deleting the key you have to reboot the server for changes taking effect.

I had it once with Symantec that the registry key remained after uninstalling their agent which caused my VSS backups to fail. And vssadmin list providers still showed up the Symantec stuff. After removing a registry key and rebooting the server everything went fine.

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