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Application-Aware Image Processing

Post by Robdigi »

I am using Veeam 6 to backup Windows 2008 R2 file servers. I initially tried to enable application-aware image processing, but I was unsuccessful in getting the jobs to run without errors. I originally didn’t think this was necessary for file servers. Since then I have read a few posts indicating that it should be used on all Windows servers regardless of the role.

My question is if I enable application-aware image processing now after running 40+ reversed incremental jobs, will I need to run a full backup job again? Will my full backup be “fixed”, and become transaction consistent via CBT?

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Re: Application-Aware Image Processing

Post by Gostev »

Your existing restore points will, of course, remain intact. However, all restore points produced with the application-aware processing enabled will be transactionally consistent, even if those are incremental backups going from non-transactionally consistent full backup.

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