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Application Group - Verification Options don't save

Post by Bunce » (64 bit). Not sure if this one has been reported before:
  1. Edit Application Group
  2. Select a VM and edit
  3. In Verification Options dialog, remove test scripts
  4. Close Verification Option dialog
  5. Re-open Verification Options dialog -> test scripts still exist
Similar issue occurs when modifying the Startup Time opions. EG I dropped the application initialization timeout but it returned to 120 seconds.

Strange thing is that if I run the job using this application group, the Test Scripts came up as 'disabled' .. so it seems the setting was changed, at least for the next run..

However, when I used Enterprise Manager to request a lab, it reverted back to running the test scripts..

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Re: Application Group - Verification Options don't save

Post by Gostev »

Hmm should not be the case, may be only happens under certain conditions. Please open a support case for investigation.

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Re: Application Group - Verification Options don't save

Post by rbrambley »

Just curious, but did you change the time out options before you changed the roles for the script tests? If you are moving through the tabs from left to right this may be the case. Try unselecting the roles before you change the timeout options.

I've noticed that if you select a role the time outs change values automatically. When you disable script testing you can set your own time out values.

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Re: Application Group - Verification Options don't save

Post by vMBasement »

Its in the Roles indedd, when not selecting the Roles, then the edits are saved, with roles selected, they get a reset to defaults 1800 and 120 seconds.
When not using roles, but adding the scripts by hand, you still can edit the time options and they get saved.

To confirm rbramley's suggestion.. :-)

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