Applied B&R 9.5 Update 2 patch

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Applied B&R 9.5 Update 2 patch

Veeam Logoby jcurtiss7492 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:04 pm

I have successfully installed the Update 2 for B&R 9.5. I want to make sure I did it correctly. My B&R server is a physical server backing up my VMware 6.0 VM's. Everything installed fine, no errors and after a restart everything seems good. However, I have a proxy server role installed on one of my VM's. Is there anything to upgrade on this server running the Proxy? I've read conflicting info saying there was an upgrade to do on proxies, and another article says it's not necessary. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Applied B&R 9.5 Update 2 patch

Veeam Logoby v.Eremin » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:23 pm

During first logon to the upgraded backup server, you will be asked to upgrade proxy server components, and that's exactly what you should do. Thanks.
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