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at risk during replication-job?

Post by Marc_Punte »

We use replication-jobs to an off-site datacenter for disaster recovery.
What if we encounter a disaster during backup-hours. ( let’s say a power failure )

- primary site is off-line instantly and running VM’s are probably corrupt.
- running replication jobs are stopped in the middle of a backup, so there is no complete VM at the disaster-site.

Could it be that we are at risk during the time a replication-job takes?

Marc Punte
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Re: at risk during replication-job?

Post by Gostev »

Here is the existing in-depth discussion talking about this scenario: Veeam Server DR
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Best practice for backup a critical VM_replica

Post by pcrebe »


i need a Best practice for backup a VM_replica.

My critical VM is replicated every one hour from SAN to the DR host.
Now i suppose this bad scenario during a replication job (at 8am) for a reason :( my SAN and of consequence my job crash too.
I think my original VM is gone and my replica is incosistent, isn't it?
So, if i create a chain backup job of the VM_replica that starts after every replication job, i think i could restore my VM_replica at the previous cicle (at 7am).
I think also that my VM_replica Backup job should be Incremental because if i use Reverse Incremental after the fail of the replication job the chain backup job starts resulting in an inconsistency of all my previous backup files.

Am i doing wrong reasoning?

Please help me.
Vitaliy S.
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Re: at risk during replication-job?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Carlo,

Actually there is no need to backup a replica VM in your scenario, just look through the topic Anton referenced above for more info. If you have any questions just continue posting there. Thanks!

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