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B & R over Satellite link

Post by burkerust »

Have you or anyone at Veeam used B & R over Satellite link? We have a fleet of barges Worldwide and I've been testing your software with WANem (a software emulator). Our links 256 - 512 k with average latency around 650 - 700ms. The actual changed data is not that large maybe 10 mg a day without trying to sync exchange server. I realize that the seed data will need tobe taken locally and then delivered onshore and injected in. So far in my test enviro I have been able to replicate a server with minor changes in 16 hours (128k bw and 600ms delay 100jitter). We will probably be using Cisco WAAS at prodution time and only 128k can be carved out for use for B & R. Are you aware of any others using this limited wan settings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: B & R over Satellite link

Post by Gostev »

I heard customers having great results when leveraging WAN accellerators, particularly Cisco WAAS, under pretty tight conditions. I believe HyperIP is specifically designed and best optimized for such links (afaik guys actually come from satellite links business). On the other hand, they do not do traffic dedupe like WAAS does (which provides for 90% plus traffic reduction with Veeam replication, as per real life usage statistics available on this forum).

From Veeam Backup perspective, all we care about is that the TCP/IP connection does not actually drop. And, of course, as you may already know from other discussions, using "fat" ESX as target is much more efficient than ESXi with v5.


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