B&R replica very slowly and never finish

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B&R replica very slowly and never finish

Veeam Logoby andrea67 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:45 am

I have a very new Host HP for production with VMWARE vSphere essential 6.5D (last version) vCenter (3 host) and a VM Windows 7 pro with Veeam B&R 9.5 update 2 (1038). the VM with Server2012R2 Domain run on the Host HP and the VM with Veeam run on the Host HP.
(with 4 lan card 2 for managment and 2 for production)
I have 2 switch 24 ports Gigabit lan
I have a Qnap with 2 lancard in team for backup and work fine backup at 130Mbps
I have a very old Host secondary only for repository for Replica with only one lan card and replica go fine at 100Mbps (i need to change with the newer IBM)
Now I have a Host IBM (not new but more young than secondary) for replica and I wish use for the good replica (4 lan card 2 for managment and 2 for production)
When try to replica VM Server2012R2 Domain 600Gb from host HP to Host IBM is very solw 7Mbps
(600Gb: 80Gb for Domain and second virtual drive 520Gb for data)
With old server with only one lan card i can make replica at over 100Mbps
Veeam work in the night when nobody work. all traffic lan only for Veeam

3 Host with the same version of VMWARE vSphere under vCenter
3 Host with last version of firmware
All host with lancard Gigabit and 2 switch gigabit.
Replica with default setting.

I try all Host on the same switch and after host HP connect over the first switch and host IBM over the second switch.

I can't understand, with old Host replica very fast but with Host IBM is very slowly and never finish.
now Host IBM is free, all datastore empty, no VM, I have installed last month and one month spent in test.
The real problem are at the end 99% and NEVER FINISH.
in B&R the bottleneck is TARGET without error number.

Can anybody help me?

thank you
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Re: B&R replica very slowly and never finish

Veeam Logoby DGrinev » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:17 am

Hello Andrea and welcome to the community!

1. Do you have backup proxies on each host?
2. What the bottleneck stats for the replication to the old server?
3. What the transport mode used in both cases?

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