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B&R together with VAW

Post by mcw » Jul 08, 2017 3:25 pm


please consider the following setup:

- Site A: Several physical servers to backup and a Windows 10 based backup machine, hosting backups of the servers.
- Site B: Server with installation of B&R Enterprise; this machine also hosts a remote repo.

In B&R we want to create a repo that is located on the backup server machine of site A. All VAW agents will backup to this repo.

1. Recovery: If we start a recovery from B&R (e.g. single files or complete folders or even volumes): Will the flow of recovered data go directly between the backup server of site A to the recovered machine of site A or will it flow over the B&R of site B (backup server site A > B&R site B > recovered server site A)?

2. Will the communication between the B&R installation on site A and the repo on site B be encrypted?

3. If we want to create an offsite copy of the repo of site A on the B&R server at site B: Is this possible using Enterprise edition?

4. In case we want to use WAN acceleration in the offsite copy job (3.): Is this possible using Enterprise edition or do we need Enterprise Plus? Is it necessary to buy an extra license for the WAN accelerator?

5. It is not possible to mix VAW free and VAW workstation/server in one B&R repo: Is it possible to create several repos in one B&R installation, of which one could be used only for backups of VAW free agents and another one for backups of VAW workstation/server only?

6. A general question, regardless of the above-mentioned scenario: If we use B&R for backing up Hyper-V machines: Is it possible to set up a sort of job chaining, meaning that job 2 will start only (and directly) after job a has been completed, e.g. performing an offsite copy job immediately after the local backup job has been finished or can we only supply fixed points in time, running into risk that job a has not finished when job b starts.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: B&R together with VAW

Post by Andreas Neufert » Jul 24, 2017 9:35 am

Hi mcw:
1. If you do a restore from Repository on site A there is no data connection from site A beside management traffic from B&R.
2. If you do a Backup Copy Job you can define data encryption, or if you want to encrypt the traffic only, you can define that in the Network settings: ... tml?ver=95
3. Yes, you can look at Backup Copy Jobs in ... son_ds.pdf
4. If you want to use WAN acceleration to reduce traffic even further, Enterprise Plus edition is needed. No extra license just Enterprise Plus is needed.
5. No, only payed or free edition per B&R Server (you can setup 2 B&R Servers that use the same Repository Server with different folders).
6. Yes, Job chaining is possible in B&R, but in case of Backup Copy Job not needed. Backup Copy Job wait for new restore points and will transport each restore point immediately to the other site. You can controll the time window for transport by the scheduler (last screen at wizard, not the first one).

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