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Backing up a Sql server

Post by Michael_6835 »

Hi All:

I am wondering if someone here could provide me with a solution to this issue. I have a sql server (virtual, obviously) that hosts all of my db applications. I currently back these databases up using SQL maintenance plan that dumps the backups to a network share, I then copy\archive those to tape. I've just started using veam with VSS to backup my Domain controller\file server and I am quite impressed at how quickly it does this.

My issue is I am in a 95% virtual environment, meaning my virtual center server is virtual as well. I can't back up my sql server with VSS because when it freezes it affects the veam console. My question is can I move the veam console to use a local sql express install? Do i lose anything by doing that? Will that solve my issues of not being able to use VSS?

Will it affect my sql main. plan? I suppose it would if I am running full and transactional backups, but I think i can plan out the intervals so that it in essence can take 2 backups.

To ask another question, am i really in any sort of problem if I don't use VSS? Knowing that I am taking database backups within SQL, I would have to restore back to a point in time anyways, even it I had vss option working?


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Re: Backing up a Sql server

Post by Gostev »

Michael, yes you should just use local SQL Express, you do not loosing anything by doing that. Yes, this will definitely solve your "main" SQL backup issues as it will not longer host Veeam configuration database.

We recommend to use Veeam VSS for any VM, especially those containing transactional applications - otherwise, data loss and corruption is possible. You can find many references on the internet when taking regular VMware snapshot (without no VSS) corrupted SQL running on VM. We actually have quite large number of existing discussions about Veeam VSS on this forum, you can research those if you are interested in more information.

Thank you.

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