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Backing up a virtual disk

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Hello everbody,

the following situation is given:
I am running a virtual machine which consists of 2 virtual disks (first one is for the os (win2k8 r2); second one is for databases/Datev-SQL-service).
At the moment I am running a replica-job for the whole VM, but now i´m looking for a possibilty to backup my second virtual disk only.
Background of this is: I want to create up to 7 states of my second virtual drive, so that i can just replace one of this disk states in my current VM if it is neccessary.
Is there any possibility to make this work and if not, do i have to stop the SQL-Service before I run a replication-job of the whole VM?

I am using Backup & Replication 5.0 (

Off Topic: Is there a download for a manual? I haven´t found one yet.

Answers are welcome.
Thank you in advance.

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Re: Backing up a virtual disk

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Yes, you can select virtual disks to backup when setting up backup job, under Exclusions. And no, you do not need to stop SQL, we will take care of capturing consistent state if you enable application-aware processing in the job settings.

Manual is built right into the product, just as you would expect (click Help in the main window's menu, or just hit F1). User Guide is also available for download from the product page on our web-site, under Resources.

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