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Re: Backing up Always On MSSQL with Veeam

Post by stewsie »

Should anyone be interested here are some results following the backup and restore testing of SQL Availability Groups

1. Following a restore of a database then obviously an image level backup needs to be taken for the transaction log backup to work
2. Restoring a full VM has worked with no issues apart from the restored VM not being available in Enterprise Manager for around 24 hours. I have a support job open for this. If I rebuild the roles the job fails. The first time I restored a VM (16th) the issue resolved itself after around 24 hours so maybe there is some sort of job that updated this
3. Following the restore the VM needs to be removed from the backup job and added again as it is essentially a new object
4. Run the image level backup job again to add the restored node back to the transaction log backup.

I appreciate this will be teaching most of you to suck eggs but I found it useful hence sharing it.

I still haven't tried the registry key mentioned above as we are still discussing this internally. If we disable the copy only backup on the second node and then this becomes the primary we could end up in a situation where we do not have a backup of the SQL database.

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Re: Backing up Always On MSSQL with Veeam

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This is a fair reason for adding both nodes to the job.

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Re: Backing up Always On MSSQL with Veeam

Post by tom11011 »

Currently have a single sql enterprise server that we backup just fine with veeam. But veeam is starting to put a load on this sql server, especially during the recombining of the snapshot process. Not that veeam is responsible, but as the server continues to get more busy, the veeam backup process can be felt.

My thought was to enable SQL Always On. The plan would be to have a 2 node cluster utilizing a-synchronous replication. We would like to have the primary node serve up sql like it normally does, but then to backup the secondary replicated node with veeam to keep the load of the primary server. Does this work? How would logs be truncated etc.. on the primary node? The reason for the a-sync operation would be prevent the double write-commit on both sql servers as that would be self defeating I would think given the goal.

Does anyone use this kind of strategy or recommend a different strategy?

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[MERGED] Veeam agent backup of SQL Always On Availability Groups

Post by its-user01 »

I need a guide in setting up Veeam backup for SQL Always On Availability Groups.
Can someone guide me to a steb by step guide?

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Re: Veeam agent backup of SQL Always On Availability Groups

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Hi Brian,

I'm merging your post into an existing thread - should give a few tips.


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