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Backing up to tape

Post by DXS_Matt »

Hey everyone, we have a customer of ours who is looking at a large VM Clustered infrastructure, and because of sarbanes oxley requirements, they need to have tapes stored at a DR site as they don't have offsite replication yet.

Is it possible for Veeam to take a backup onto our dedicated backup san, and then through a scheduled job, or something similar (as I know it doesn't support this natively) offload them to tape? I don't want to delete the backups that we have on the backup san, but do want to copy full and possibly incrementals to tape.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Backing up to tape

Post by Gostev »

Matt, this is exactly how most customers who have to have tape backups are doing this today. You can simply use post-job script (see advanced Veeam job settigs) to make this happen automatically on certain days of week.

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