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Backing up View Composer VMs

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Has anybody had luck backing up VMs from View Composer? I'm specifically interested in backing up the user data disks for a set of persistent desktops, but it's not working. I'm thinking that maybe the path is too long, because I'm getting an error like this:

- dd if="/vmfs/volumes/49baa030-4c964e77-c56e-0017a4771008/2-b7c0-4e1a-99b8-/replica-48574142-b7c0-4e1a-99b8-.vmdk" count=1 bs=16384/bin/dd: opening `/vmfs/volumes/49baa030-4c964e77-c56e-0017a4771008/2-b7c0-4e1a-99b8-/replica-48574142-b7c0-4e1a-99b8-.vmdk': No such file or directory

but the full path isn't quite right. I have the logs ready to send in, but I'm wondering if anybody has success (or not) stories...
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