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Backing up VM issue

Post by ito »

Hello All

I am a new user to veeam, and so far its been great.

But i am having an issue trying to backup a windows 2003 VM used for a file server. The vm size is 1.03TB and i get the following error when it trys to run the job

Creating snapshot CreateSnapshot failed, vmRef "vm-479", timeout "1800000", snName "VEEAM BACKUP TEMPORARY SNAPSHOT", snDescription "Please do not delete this snapshot. It is being used by Veeam Backup.", memory "False", quiesce "True" A snapshot operation cannot be performed.

It is trying to pull the vm from the datastore (NX4) and copy it over the network to a server and store it on local disk.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Backing up VM issue

Post by Gostev »

Hello, please try to create snapshot on this VM using VMware Infrastructure Client.
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