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Backup Across WAN

Post by MattinDallas »

I have a site in SF that we do a Backup job of a VM from local SAN to local SAN. I also need all the backups to exist in our Dallas office. At the moment, the Veeam support guy has me doing a backup nightly and when the backup locally finishes that it runs a copy job immediately on finishing the backup back to the Dallas office. This is not good because everynight it is copying the vbk file and all of the vrb files over again and it takes over 24 hours to complete. We bought this product for this reason only and is not performing the way we wanted it. We figured the biggest file would be the first backup, and all other backups would be changes only which would be smaller. After running this for a few weeks, everynight we have a file around 55 GB and a smaller file. Any suggestions on how just to get the dedup files and changes from the previous night to go across the WAN wire and not the whole backup datastore?

Should we do a local backup and then do a wan backup on completion? Anyone doing anything similar out there?
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Re: Backup Across WAN

Post by NightBird »

Perhaps with a rsync copy of the .vkb file (
rsync will only copy the changed bytes of the source file to the destination.

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Re: Backup Across WAN

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Matthew,

Actually, you VBK file is the most recent state with all the new changes and not only your first backup, cause of the synthetic way of backup that is being used by Veeam.
If you want to keep your backup files on two different sites, you may configre two jobs for a local backup and for a WAN backup (with CDP feature the backup time shouldn't be long), however those backups won't be synchronized between each other. On the other hand, you may do some search on our forums threads with similar questions about WAN backups/replications.

Thank you.
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Re: Backup Across WAN

Post by Gostev »

Here's one of the existing threads:
Replicating .vbk Files Using DFS-R
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