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Backup and Replication configuration advice

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Hi All

we are budgeting a solution for few clients based on Veeam Backup and would also like to achieve VM replication over WAN links, I have read all the datasheets but the followings are not clear.

- How many Veeam BAckup Servers would I need in a Production + DR scenario (SAN storage in use on both locations), will I have to buy 2 x NAS/SATA storages for replication to work?
- How granular can be the replication in regards to VMs, can I replicate a single VM ?
- Does Veeam replicate only at VM level ?
- How the Fail-back process works? for example I have to start a VM in DR cause the production one has failied/corrupted. Will I just configure a backward Job that replicate the VM back to Production storage?
- What sort of storage would be best fit as BAckup Media ? as I cannot use the SAN for backup due to lack of storage I was thinking to buy a cheap NAS storage or a SATA enclosure directly attached to the Backup Server. Any advise ?

thannks in advance


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Re: Backup and Replication configuration advice

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Hello Marco,

1. Yes, you should have at least 2 ESX(i) hosts with storage connected to be able to run replication jobs. One Veeam backup server will be enough to cover all the needs of your Production and your DR sites, here are some pros and cons of installing Veeam Backup server on the production site and the DR: ... 8738#p8738

2. Yes, you can. You may choose single VMs as well as ESX hosts, folders, resource pools e.t.c

3. Veeam uses VM image level backups/replicas

4. Correct. For more information please refer to the links below: ... 63&start=0

5. That would also work. Here is the topic discussing recommendations for veeam backup storage, hope it helps: ... 48&start=0

Additionaly, you could have a look at some examples of a real usage of Veeam Replication covered in this topic:

Thank you!

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