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Backup and Replication Design Question

Post by evander »

Hey - I have been reading as much info i can get my hands on to best design my new Veeam backup and replication setup and still have a few questions which I hope you can help out with.

I have the following:

Primary Site:
2x HP DL360 G7 with twin 6 core procs and 98Gigs RAM each

Distaster Recovery Site:
Sun X4250 server with twin Xeon Procs and 64 Gigs RAM
Fujitsu Fibrecat SAN (old but functional)

Both Sites are fully virtualized and running Vmware 4.1 ESXi
I dont have any non-virtual boxes...

I plan to install Veeam on a Virtual Windows Server 2008 R2 box sitting at the primary site.
I will backup my Virtual Machines to the local Near-line SAS portion of disks on the EMC SAN
I will also and additionally replicate the Virtual Machines to the DR site using Veeam Replication.
Primary Site and DR site connected by 100Mb LAN connection. (10Mb at worst)

How does that sound so far? Any problems you forsee with this design?
Will the new Version 6 of Veeam influence my design at all and should I factor that in now?

The one main thing I am struggling with is that the destination for the backups for my Windows 2008 Virtual Machine will have to be a virtual harddrive on that machine which is limited to 2TB per datastore, right? I know I can mount multiple harddrives into that Winodws 2008 box but for example one of the Virtual Machines that I want to backup already has 2TB of disk space (or more) it is using so if I back that up into my Veeam Windows 2008 box I dont think it will work. I know I can add a Linux Server into Veeam but I dont see how that would help as that server would also have to be virtual as I dont have any more physical boxes...

I feel like I am overlooking something simple? Suggestions?


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Re: Backup and Replication Design Question

Post by foggy »

Per our system requirements, you cannot use ESXi host as target for you backups. See explanation in this thread.

Regarding your size suspicions, you can present multiple 2TB LUN's to your Windows VM and span the volumes to get rid of 2TB limit. Thanks.

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