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Backup and replication job of same VM

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A basic question, can I replicate and backup a VM? If I replicate a VM to another SAN and then straight after run a backup drive to some other local storage, what impact will this have on the VM or the delta the next time the replication job runs? Do the replication and backup jobs read the same delta changes or do they have different markers for calculating the deltas?

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Re: Backup and replication job of same VM

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Hello Bruiser,

Yes, you can do that, the only concern you should be aware is not to run backup and replication job at the same time, anyway there will be no impact on your source VM. Both jobs will get it's own changes when they run, the mechanism is the same for both jobs. Basically, next replication cycle job will get the changes since previous replication, the same will be for backup.

Thank you!
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