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Backup as a service....some confusion

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Hi everybody. I have one question: one my client provides a backup service to his customers. He has a Veeam Server on his datacenter. He manages the backup job of his customers, but the host, the proxy and repository are hosted in the customers' premises. He asks me what would happen if missing connectivity between the veeam server and the veeam proxy (in other words, between its datacenter and the datacenter of his client): does each customer able to restore the backup even if the veeam server becomes unreachable? If the veeam server becomes offline, the scheduled backup jobs still work even without the veeam server? I advised him to install a veeam server for each client and to keep on his datacenter a veeam enterprise manager server: could it be the solution?

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Re: Backup as a service....some confusion

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Customers will be able to perform restore either after installing Veeam B&R at their location and importing backup files or with the help of standalone extract.exe utility. Scheduled jobs will not continue to run without connection to the proxy servers. Having Veeam B&R installation at each location and using Enterprise Manager to have a single pane of glass across them is a viable solution.

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