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Backup Configuration question

Post by nkearns »

Background info

We have 4 VMware ESXi 4.1 host server with around 50 VM guests on, the 4 ESXi servers have 12 network cards in each box and are managed by vCenter
3 x network cards for (VM, FT and Console) (vSwitch 0 )
5 x network cards for (Local Area Network (split using VLANS)) (vSwitch 1)
4 x network cards for (iSCSI) (vSwitch 2)
The iSCSI network cards are VMkernal ports mapped to VMware iSCSI Software adapter.
The iSCSI network is completely separate from the Local Area Network (separate network switches to the local area network)

Here comes the question

Do I need a physical server with iSCSI initiators to be able to use direct san backup mode?

I don’t think there a way that I can present the iSCSI network to the vm guest (veeam server) as it not part of the local area network.

I am after the best way to backup these servers with in the shorts time windows.



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Re: Backup Configuration question

Post by foggy »

Nick, yes, in this case you need physical Veeam server for direct SAN access but you also can go with virtual Veeam server and use Virtual Appliance mode which provides comparable source data retrieval speed. Thanks.

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Re: Backup Configuration question

Post by Gostev »

Actually I am not following why you think you cannot present the iSCSI network to Veeam Backup VM? Just add additional vNIC, and put it on vSwitch 2. Then, use in-guest iSCSI initiator to mount SAN volumes.

Sure, Virtual Appliance mode will provide comparable performance - but it has plenty of limitations, too.

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