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Backup Copy job data path

Post by ori » Apr 18, 2018 6:41 am

I am trying a backup copy from a Data Domain repository to a Data Domain repository in our DR site and I want to control the source and destination proxies the data will travel to/from.

Both of the repositories are configured with Proxy Affinity the way I want them to, but the copy traffic is originating from the backup server itself and not from the proxies configured in the Affinity setting.
The Data Domain repositories are configured with automatic selection of gateway server because I have multiple proxies and I don't want to limit it to a single proxy.
The regular backup jobs adhere to the affinity setting and always use the selected proxies, only the backup copy job seems to choose the backup server as a proxy instead of a proxy close to the repository.

Is there any way to control this?

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Re: Backup Copy job data path

Post by DGrinev » Apr 18, 2018 10:39 am

Hi Ori,

Please keep in mind backup proxies cannot be used for the backup copy job operation.
If you want to change the route for the data flow between the repositories, you should use dedicated Gateway\Mount servers associated with backup repositories.
In your case there is no mount server associated with the repositories and that's why Veeam B&R fail over to the backup server. Thanks!

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