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Backup Copy job repository is becoming full

Post by unsichtbarre » Feb 20, 2019 7:13 pm

Hi All,

I am coping with a situation where a Backup Copy job repository is becoming full and there is no space left on the device to expand.

We initially provisioned a 36TB LUN (RAID 6) and created a dedicated Veeam repository for a Backup Copy job set to keep: 2 restore points (incremental) plus 4-weekly, 3-monthly, 4-quarterly, and 7-yearly GFS restore points.

The job started with a GFS (full backup) size of 1.1TB, which was supposed to remain fairly stable for that job. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans...... Now the full backup is 4.2TB and the GFS policy is running us out of space!

How can I move the oldest Yearly and even Quarterly backups to a different repository without causing "file not found" errors in the Backup Copy Job?

Long-term we are planning on scale-out repository and larger Repositories, but I need a right-now alternative for the existing situation?

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Re: Backup Copy job repository is becoming full

Post by foggy » Feb 21, 2019 7:21 am

Hi John, you can manually move some of the oldest GFS restore points to another storage without affecting the backup copy job. You can also use the remove missing restore points to prevent them from displaying as unavailable backups in UI. I also recommend compacting the full backup file after that, once you get some free space back.

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