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Backup copy job retention doesn't work

Post by SeRo »

Hello everyone,

we got a problem with a retention policy by one of our customers. We are cloud service provider and one of our customer create a backup copy job with "7 restore points to keep on disk". No GFS configuration. Meanwhile there are 20+ retention points on our disk. The backup copy job starts, writes an incremental .vib-file and says "Merge Full backup". The merging process takes about 2 minutes but when we take a look into our repositories, there werent any merging process.

The oldest file is the only .vbk file. Any other files in that folder are .vib-files.

Do you have any idea?

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Re: Backup copy job retention doesn't work

Post by foggy »

I've split your post into a separate discussion, since it is not related to the original thread you've put it in. I recommend contacting support for assistance, since the described behavior is not expected, something prevents retention from working properly.

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