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Backup Copy Job Slow

Post by defrogger »

Hello, I setup Veeam a couple weeks ago for a client. The backups are working fine. I setup a Backup Copy Job and recently it started going really slow. Its only going between 500k and 1M/s. As a result the job never finishes in 24 hours and fails. According to Veeam the Bottleneck is the proxy

The setup is as follows
The Local Backups are going to a Terastation. There is a VPN tunnel between the client site and offsite. On the offsite we have another terastation for the backup copy job.

The Veeam server is running on 2012 server and it is the Proxy server. Its virtual Machine with VMware 5.
We only have Veeam 7 Standard, so we don't have the option of the WAN Accelerator feature.

Ive rebooted the Veeam server. The Veeam server has 2vCPU, 8 gigs of memory.

Im assuming my problem is local if Veeam says the bottleneck is the Proxy which is the Veeam server itself.

What are some things I can look at?
I looked at cpu utilization while the job runs and its only around 10 to 25%. the VMware server that the Veeam VM is on is not doing much and cpu is low on that.

Thanks for any input

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Re: Backup Copy Job Slow

Post by Gostev »

Hi, actually I cannot imagine the bottleneck being proxy considering the processing speed and direct mode. May be there is something wrong with the bottleneck analysis, I've seen some reports on this before. As for the things to check, what is the WAN bandwidth between sites? And what speed do you get copying regular files between sites? Thanks!

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