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Backup Copy Job to Cloud With Encryption

Post by kslaught21 »

We have a client who is sending rather large backup copy jobs over a slow WAN link to our cloud repository. They forgot to enable encryption on a couple of jobs that are already fully copied up to the cloud. If they go to enable encryption now on those jobs, will Veeam have to send all the data (ie. full backup) over the WAN again, or how does that work exactly? We are using WAN accelerators too FYI.

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Re: Backup Copy Job to Cloud With Encryption

Post by foggy »

Kyle, simply enabling encryption on the backup copy job does not affect anything. For encryption to take effect, you need to remove existing chain from backups and storage (or just create another backup copy job with encryption enabled - existing files will stay unencrypted). In any case, entire data will be copied over WAN.

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