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Backup Copy jobs when source VM is split into multiple jobs

Post by stevemciow »

We have a fileserver VM with a dozen or so virtual disks (effectively one per customer). Due to the speed (or lack thereof) of the underlying storage, and the rate of change of data, we have had to split the backup into several jobs, using the 'exclusions' feature to end up with one backup job for each virtual disk.

Effectively, jobs like:

FS01 - Customer A
FS01 - Customer B
FS01 - Customer C

Where each job includes only one virtual disk.

The backups work fine, however we also need to have a Backup Copy job (to our off-site repository). Having set the job up and added all the individual backup jobs to it, we've found that only the first disk is ever copied.

I've got a case logged with support at present (no. 03124552) and it's looking like the only way to make it work is to have each of the original backup jobs target a different repository (and even then it may not work) but would welcome any input!

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Re: Backup Copy jobs when source VM is split into multiple j

Post by foggy »

Hi Stephen, right, this will not work. Backup copy was not designed with this specific use case in mind. Workaround with separate repositories per disk would work if you had a separate backup copy job for every disk and limit its scope to the corresponding source repository.

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