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Backup Copy

Post by wormdoc » Oct 16, 2018 1:58 am

Hi There,

We have veeam running in our main site, we are considering backing up a remote site over a slow 2MBps WAN link.

I was thinking about installing veeam in the remote site to allow us to do a one off backup of the 10 vms we want to backup.
I would then copy those VM backup files onto a USB pen drive, import the files into our main site, veeam would then be removed from the remote site.

Would I then be able to create a backup job using the imported back up files? in the main site We want to only backup incremental changes over the slow link, hence seeding the full backup we created earlier.

Is this possible? Note I don't want to have a backup off site(back up copy) I just want to backup over the WAN link, with the intial full backup being prestaged/seed to so we don't require the first initial large full backups to happen over the slow wan link.

is this achievable?

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Re: Backup Copy

Post by nielsengelen » Oct 16, 2018 7:26 am

This is possible by leveraging the seeding option, it is explained in our userguide.
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