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Backup Exchange and Persistant disk

Post by etaftm »

Sorry in advance if this has already been posted.

We have Exchange 2007 server with C: as a regular drive and separt LUN for the Exchange DB with Independent Persistent so that a snapshot won't screw up the DB. We also do this with SQL servers as well. Setup a different LUN for the Data and Logs. Anyways with that said, how can you backup these VM's with V5?
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Re: Backup Exchange and Persistant disk

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Hello Justin,

You need an ability to create snapshots for disk you want to backup, but independent disks as well as physical RDMs are not supported for image-level backup as VMware excludes these disks from snapshot. We have this documented in the release notes: ... _notes.pdf

If you don't want to screw your DBs, please enable application-aware image processing for the backup jobs. Should more information be required, please review the sticked FAQ topic.

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