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Backup failed

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we have had for several days this error :

Backing file "/vmfs/volumes/49340fbd-0fdeb382-4183-00215aed555c/srvmail/srvmail-flat.vmdk" Backup failed Client error: Cannot read data from the socket. Requested data size: [8]. Server error: bad read: Input/output error { bad read: Input/output error Data manager: Exception in the read loop. } File cannot be delivered by the management channel. Source path: [/vmfs/volumes/49340fbd-0fdeb382-4183-00215aed555c/srvmail/srvmail-flat.vmdk].

how to regulate this problem?

Thank you,

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Backup failed

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Hello Jerome,

I do not recall seeing this error before, but it seems like there is an issue with the source storage, could you please try to download that file with Datastore Browser while using Virtual Infrastructure Client? Do you see similar issues for other VMs that are located on this particular datastore?

Thank you!

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