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Backup Fails Cant stop Job

Post by krismcewan »

While doing a demo for a potential customer the Backup failed and i could Not stop the job.

Restarting the service and the SQL database did nothing. In the end a reboot of the server fixed it but the customer wasnt impressed by that "fix"

i am sure this has come up before in one of my other customers and i cant remember how its resolved.

Any ideas?

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Re: Backup Fails Cant stop Job

Post by Gostev »

There are no known issues with stopping jobs in the current release. If you can reproduce it, please contact our support for investigation. Thanks!

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Re: Backup Fails Cant stop Job

Post by morciod »

I am having an issue stopping jobs as well. I have 3 (2 bkup and 1 replication ) that are basically hung and not processing. I have attempted to stop via console and powershell cmd. i also stopped services and still nothing. short of a reboot, i have no other options

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Re: Backup Fails Cant stop Job

Post by Exrace »

Are your vmtools current?

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