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Backup file .vbk missing error for Veeam 4.1.2 revisited

Post by manz »

Hi ,
I changed the path for nas storage where Veeam keeps the backup. I copied the old VBK and VBR files to new NAS location . However when i run backup job i get error "backup file .vbak missing on host my computer ". . I applied REgistry hack for this and veeam continues backup by creating new file.
Couple of quetions
if i ask it to create new file , will I be able to do restore to old restore points . E.g if i want data from 15 days back , after copying thsoe restore points to new NAS location. using restore wizard can i go to restore point i.e 15 days old

Is this fixed in version 5 ? is there any other way to run the backup job without doing this registry hack i.e without asking VEEAM to craete new file ?


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Re: Backup file .vbk missing error for Veeam 4.1.2 revisite

Post by Gostev »

Hi Manjiri, yes you will be able to restore. However, please note that if you perform backup file move operation correctly (including updating job settings), both v4 and v5 should continue the job normally. Ability to change backup destination for existing jobs was actually a new feature of version 4.0. In earlier versions, UI button that changes destination was disabled when opening existing job settings.

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