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Backup Job Best Practices

Post by Tarqy » Mar 11, 2015 2:02 pm

Can someone provide some advice or point me in the direction of some material on best practices for the creation of backup jobs.

Specifically around the number of VM's you can have in each Job and what sort of impact if any this has on doing a restore of an individual machine or files etc.

A bit of background is we currently backup direct to a Data Domain 160 but are unable to use certain features of Veeam (Instant VM restore, SureBackup etc.) due to performance on the DD.

With this in mind we have acquired an IBM v3700 to use as an initial disk pool for short term backup retention and plan to run a copy job to the DD160 which will then replicate to a 2nd DD160 at our DR Site.

We currently backup around 60 VM's and these are spread across 12 backup jobs, because these went direct to a dedup device most of the Veeam compression/dedup was turned off or set to dedupe friendly and then subsequently the data was deduped globally once on the DD so the number of backup jobs wasn't a concern.

Now that we plan to go to disk first I believe that Veeam will only dedupe/compress across the VM's within each backup job which Is why I'm after some information on the best way to configure this to balance performance and disk space used.


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Re: Backup Job Best Practices

Post by Gostev » Mar 11, 2015 4:51 pm

Hi, Barry. With typical VMs, usually you can have a single job for up to 150-200 VMs, and you are well below that amount. Thanks!

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