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Backup multple times a day

Post by dib »

Hello there

I have been working on a setup, for backking up SQL bak. and trn files.

The trn and bak files are made through the SQL server. Full once a day at 5am, log every 2 hour2 from 8am til 4 pm. I want Veeam to run every 2 hours from from 7am to 5pm. So i get the backup files away from the SQL server.

But you have to have a full backup at some time, and that is my issue.

I want to run a full on Friday or saturday, there is no problem in setting that. But I cannot figure out how Veeam handles that, when one job has multiple backup run on the same day.

Let says i set the job to run a full on Friday, where there are 6 backup runs throughout the day. Is the first run then a full?

Hobe somebody can clear this for my.


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Re: Backup multple times a day

Post by veremin »

Yep, the first run will be a full one. The other ones will be incremental, as VB&R has a built-in mechanism that prevents you from creating several full backups per day. Thanks.

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