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Backup NAS

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We use Weeam Backup to backup our VMWare server (works excellent!).

We also have a NAS (QNAP TS-219P II) connected to our Windows domain.

It would have been nice if Weeam Backup could perform backup of our NAS.

Bengt Nilsson, Sweden

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Re: Backup NAS

Post by veremin »

Can you shed a little more light on what you’re trying to achieve?

Is this NAS device being used as place for storing backup data? And you’re eager to find a way for taking corresponding files out of it?

If so, then kindly see the existing discussion.

Otherwise, if this NAS device is specified to be used as a file share, a place where domain users can store their files, etc, and you’re willing to back it up as a whole, using VB&R. Unfortunatelly, it's impossible at the moment, since VB&R is built specifically for virtualization, having nothing to do with physical environment, be it backup of physical machines or backup of physical appliances.

However, any feedback is more than welcome.

Thanks for it; highly-appreciated.

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