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Backup of single node MS cluster (no volume sharing)

Post by mdiver »

Virtualizing a real two node MS Exchange Cluster (2x Win 2003 EE) we reduced the cluster to a single node cluster in the virtual world to keep cluster IP etc.
Therefore the "cluster" no resides within a single VM (no bus sharing! just a normal VM!). It was fully functional until we tried to back it up with Veeam BR.
During the backup with Veeam BR, we lose the quorum drive an the cluster stops working.
This might be due to quiescing and/or VSS, which we used both.
Are there any recomendations to avoid this behavior? The snapshot by itself shouldn't be the problem as it should not be realized from within the VM.

Thanks and best regards,
Alexey D.

Re: Backup of single node MS cluster (no volume sharing)

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Mike,

Since there's no bus sharing, snapshotting shouldn't be the problem. Yes, it might be VSS - have you tried turning it off to see if the problem persists? Which error messages do you receive when cluster stops working? Are there any related errors in Event Log?

Here's the topic with discussion of similar behaviour: Issue with VMware & Exchange 2010 DAG. Maybe it could give you a clue.
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