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Backup or replicate to a second esxi system

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I am a vmware/veeam novice so please bare with me. We have implemented a few vspher4/esxi 4 servers for our customers as an entry point into the world of virtualization. We have chose to back them up with Backup Exec and tape <like we always have>. Now my team and I are looking for better solutions. It seems more than ever, we are having customer request to set a DR server at remote locations. As with most customers these day the almighty dollar is most important. Consider that we have a T-1 (1.44 mbps) MPLS circuit between two offices. At the Main office a free esxi 4 server. Can you take Veeams Backup and Replication solution, and replicate the guest OSes to the branch office esxi/DR Server? In most cases we are talking two to four VM's that have 2 GB of changes per day.

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Re: Backup or replicate to a second esxi system

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Hello Jeff, unfortunately we do not support free ESXi hosts as source or target. The ESXi host has to be licensed (such as VMware Essentials or other license). VMware specifically restricts some API calls on free ESXi to prevent 3rd party applications to work with free (unlicensed) ESXi.

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