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Backup over WAN

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Ok so i have a client that we are using Veeam at and they want some data stored offsite. So i did a backup job last night and it ran fine. I saved it to a usb hard drive. i think brought that vbk file back to the office and uploaded to a linux server. That linux server has an external IP address so i then changed the backup job to point to that linux host.. into the same directory that i copied the "seed" file. Veeam can connect to it, and it builds some rollback files. but then about 3 minutes in it says "Cannot connect to" .... the linux host is on the 98.100.x.x network and the box is the veeam server .... any ideas why im getting connection errors when veeam is trying to connect to itself?

i have disabled windows firewall and im running veeam on windows xp with sp2
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Re: Backup over WAN

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Hello, please send all logs from Help | Support information to for investigation.
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