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backup performance virtual versus physical backup server

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I am doing some performance tests on the restores of Veeam Backup & Replication v5.0.1
I use both a physical server and a virtual machine, both installed indentically using Windows Server 2008. As Veeam will restore the data over the network to the ESXi destination server I was expecting a higher restore rate when Veeam is running in a virtual machine.

However, the restore rate for both virtual machine and physical server are about the same. I get around 13 MB/sec. The Veeam vm and restore target are running on the same ESXi server.

Is this normal or should I get a higher restore rate when using a VM for Veeam?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: backup performance virtual versus physical backup server

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Hello Marcel,

It doesn't matter where you install Veeam backup server (physical or virtual machine) as all data traffic goes through a ESXi network stack while doing restores.

On top of that, please remember that you can always use Instant VM Recovery feature to bring failed VMs back to your production in the matter of seconds.

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