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Backup physical server and Licensing Questions

Post by nbctcp »

I am sorry if I asked you too many questions.
My client has mixed environment of windows and linux.
Their windows is in vm or physical server in VMware ESX and Hyper-V

1. Let say veeam in 1x physical server.
Can it backup itself
Can it backup other windows or linux physical server
2. Because veeam need to backup vm instance in Hyper-V and ESX
Can I buy 1x veeam license for Hyper-V and 1x Veeam ESX license and use both license in that 1x Veeam physical server or
Can I buy 1x license that can be used for both Hyper-V and ESX


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Re: Backup physical server and Licensing Questions

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1. Veeam cannot backup any physical whatsoever, only VMWare VMs and Hyper-V VMs
2. We license per physical processor of the host that the VMs are on. You would need a license for Hyper-V and VMWare and they can be placed on one license so one instance of Veeam can backup VMs from both hypervisors.
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