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Backup PostgreSQL Veeam v12

Post by JuanVanegas »

We are making a postgresql backup with Veeam backup & Replication 12 build, the backup of the instance is done correctly. My query is, is there a granular way to recover only one deleted table or field, since at the time of running Veeam explorer for PostgreSQL only allows me to restore the entire instance.
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Re: Backup PostgreSQL Veeam v12

Post by PetrM »

Hi Juan Carlos and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

Let's consider your question as a feature request, so far such a functionality is not implemented. However, you can try to temporarily attach the instance to a PostgreSQL server directly from backup using the Publish feature and dump a specific table, there are some examples in this topic.

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[MERGED] PSQL single DB and single Table restore

Post by nscblauensteiner »

Hy team,

I would like to have a way to be able to restore single tables from a database and restore a single database itself - see Case ID #05990981 for details.

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Re: Backup PostgreSQL Veeam v12

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Currently, the restoration of individual tables and items is not supported. Thank you for the feedback, it's been noted.
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